Paul Murray

Paul Murray


“I joined Quora Group as a Gas Engineer nine years ago in June, It was the best decision of my working career. I must thank Alan & Craig for giving me the opportunity all of those years ago. I joined a company looking to grow and build something quite unique and special, which is exactly what has happened. From being on the tools, working my way up to Service Supervisor, Manager and now Service Director, the company has invested in me consistently, for which I am very grateful.

When I started out at Quora, I worked alongside two other Service engineers, and we have grown to currently employing nineteen full time staff in the Service Department. The Group Director, Craig, has backed me all the way through my time at Quora, from making crucial decisions on the development of the department, to making significant investment in the software, equipment, and vehicles we use on a daily basis in the office and in the field.

My typical day starts with me checking emails as soon as I wake up. I received an email from a customer at 2am this morning. My phone never stops, day and night. On my drive into the office, I normally speak to three of four people. This can be clients, engineers, or office staff.  In the office, I will go over quotations, have meetings with the service team & the group director. Topics include installations, surveys, health & safety etc. The team I work alongside are a great group, determined and hardworking, and we certainly have some real characters among us……….

I visit clients – new and existing – building relationships and establishing how we can give them the best service possible. One of my key and most demanding roles is to monitor the financial side of the business. knowing what targets, the team need to hit on a day-to-day basis to allow us to achieve our monthly / quarterly / yearly goals. My other Key role is making sure I bring work into the business and produce a grand end product which goes hand in hand with the finance.

I can truly say I am proud to be part of Quora Group and working day to day with excellent people makes it a positive and very special place to work.”

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