In the dynamic world of construction, where the demand for skilled professionals continuously grows, Quora Group stands out not just for its excellence in delivering top-notch MEP services but also for its commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent. At the heart of this commitment are Quora Group’s apprenticeship programs, which offer a blend of office and site roles, tailored to forge robust career pathways in the construction industry.

Paving the Way for Aspiring Professionals

Quora Group is currently hosting sixteen apprentices, each embarking on a unique journey that spans the spectrum from office duties to hands-on site responsibilities. Their program is designed to equip apprentices with the necessary behaviours, skills, knowledge, and experience for a prosperous career within the group, fostering lifelong learning and enabling their progression from apprentices to industry leaders.

Benefits for Quora Apprentices

1. Earn While You Learn: From the day apprentices start work with Quora Group they are paid to learn. They also receive paid holidays and are paid to attend college and gain a qualification. When complete they are fully qualified and debt free.

2. Exceptional Training: Quora Group ensures the highest quality training, providing skills and experiences that last a lifetime, supported by experienced mentors and leaders.

3. Career Growth and Opportunities: Completing an apprenticeship is just the beginning. Quora Group promotes career advancement, offering opportunities to those keen to develop further.

Supporting Career Development

Quora Group are committed to fostering career advancement, believing in the potential of the talent pool to lead the future of their business. Further training opportunities, including HNDs and degrees, are available, aligning with both individual and business goals. The Quora culture emphasises leadership potential in every employee, preparing them to inspire future apprentices.

Success Stories: Apprentices that have grown with Quora Group

Finlay Thomson 

Finlay started as a business admin apprentice at Quora Group. He quickly went on to become a key team member and progressed into the accounts department where he is currently pursuing his AAT to become an accountant.

Dale Hood 

Dale transitioned from factory work to complete an apprenticeship in plumbing and heating, eventually becoming a site supervisor at Quora Group due to his exemplary leadership and skills.

Advice for Prospective Apprentices

Choosing an apprenticeship with Quora Group offers a rewarding alternative to traditional education paths, blending hands-on experience with recognised qualifications, all while earning a salary and achieving financial independence.


For those inspired to start a career in construction and gain skills related to Mechanical, Electrical services and Plumbing services, an apprenticeship with Quora Group offers a gateway to a world of opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to the strategic aspects of office roles or the hands-on challenges of site work, Quora Group provides a supportive and dynamic environment to learn, grow, and succeed.

As Quora Group continues to shape the landscape with its innovative projects, it also shapes the futures of its apprentices, ensuring that the construction industry remains vibrant, skilled, and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.