Parkside Academy, Crook

The Challenge

Parkside Academy faced significant challenges due to the age and condition of its existing heating and hot water plant and equipment. The outdated system was inefficient and prone to breakdowns, necessitating frequent maintenance and causing disruptions. During term time, it was crucial to carry out the refurbishment without compromising the safety and daily activities of students and staff.


The Solution

To address these issues, Advance Learning Partnerships engaged Quora Group to refurbish the plant rooms. The refurbishment included:
– Stripping out the existing plant and equipment.
– Installing new gas-fired high-efficiency boilers.
– Incorporating new plate heat exchangers.
– Setting up a new flue installation.
– Implementing a new building energy management system.
– Installing new high-efficiency pumps.
– Commissioning the new system.

Quora Group leveraged their extensive experience working in live environments, ensuring the safety of pupils and visitors throughout the project. Their meticulous planning and execution allowed the work to proceed smoothly, even during school hours.


Outcomes & Benefits

The mechanical refurbishment project yielded several significant benefits for Parkside Academy:
– Energy Efficiency: The new system increased energy efficiency by 16%, resulting in lower operational costs and a reduced carbon footprint.
– Reliability: The installation of modern, high-efficiency equipment provided the school with a reliable heating and hot water solution, minimising the risk of unexpected breakdowns and maintenance issues.
– Safety: With zero health and safety incidents or accidents reported, the project demonstrated Quora Group’s commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.
– Timeliness: The project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to the school’s routine.



The refurbishment project at Parkside Academy was a resounding success. The school now benefits from a modern and efficient heating and hot water system that not only meets current needs but also positions the school for future sustainability goals. The significant increase in energy efficiency translates to cost savings, which can be redirected to other educational resources. Completing the project ahead of schedule with no safety incidents highlights the proficiency and reliability of the Quora Group in handling complex projects within live environments.

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